Our understanding of FODMAP scores and portion information does change over time. Normally this is because food items that have not been formally tested become tested. Most often a food item is updated due to clarification of the food item.

If you find a food item missing from the App – you can request that we investigate and add the item to the app!  Just remember that it is very difficult to add recommendations for recipes and branded goods.

Feta Cheese -> Feta Cheese : cows milk -> Revised description, score and information

November 2018

Pretzels -> Pretzels : soft
Sourdough Bread -> Revised score and information
Pitta Bread -> Pita / Pitta Bread

September 2018

Xanthan Gum -> Portion size added

August 2018

Pomegranate Juice -> Pomegranate : juice

July 2018

Wine : white -> Portion sizing information added
Haricot Beans -> Haricot Beans : boiled

June 2018

Gluten Free Pasta -> Pasta : gluten free = Renamed to ensure gluten free pasta displays with other pasta items
Pickled Onion -> Onion : pickled / large = Renamed and portion size added
Pineapple : dried = Food type updated from Ingredient to Fruit
White Mulberries : dried = Food type updated from Ingredient to Fruit
Buckwheat = Buckwheat : kernels + Portion sizing information added
Squid = Note updated with further explanation of coatings
Tofu : plan and drained = Note updated to accommodate new added Tofu : silken food item
Apple Cider Vinegar = Portion size added

April 2018

Chai Seeds = Portion size updated
Mushrooms = Mushrooms : button

March 2018

Cafe Latte = Note updated
Cappuccino = Note updated
Espresso = Note updated
Filter Coffee = Note updated
Instant Coffee = Note updated
Cranberries = Note added and score adjusted
Sweet Corn : tinned = Sweet Corn : tinned / frozen



Butter = Note updated, Link added to a great explanation of how butter is low FODMAP
Arepas : plain = Link to recipes added
Arepas : filled = Link to recipes added
Kefir Milk = Kefir : milk.  Plus detailed description updated
Cows Milk = detailed description update

"Zero" Colas = Cola : zero
Sheeps Milk Yoghurt = Yoghurt : sheeps milk
Lactose Free Yoghurt = Yoghurt : lactose free
Lactose Free Cows Milk = Cows Milk : lactose free
Soya Milk = Soya Milk : from Soya Protein
Butter Beans (boiled) = Butter Beans : canned
Chestnuts (blanched/cooked/roasted) = Chestnuts : blanched
Coconut Water = Coconut Water : packaged / processed

December 2017


Chai Tea = Chai Tea / weak black
Kefir Milk = Revised advisory information
Prune = Prunes


White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate


Pumpkin Seeds