Our understanding of FODMAP ratings for food can change over time. Normally this is because food items that have not been formally tested become tested. Most often a food item is updated due to clarification of the food item.

If you find a food item missing from the App – you can request that we investigate and add the item to the app!  Just remember that it is very difficult to add recommendations for recipes and branded goods.

Gluten Free Pasta -> Pasta : gluten free = Renamed to ensure gluten free pasta displays with other pasta items
Pickled Onion -> Onion : pickled / large = Renamed and portion size added
Pineapple : dried = Food type updated from Ingredient to Fruit
White Mulberries : dried = Food type updated from Ingredient to Fruit
Buckwheat = Buckwheat : kernels + Portion sizing added
Squid = Note updated with further explanation of coatings
Tofu : plan and drained = Note updated to accommodate new added Tofu : silken food item
Apple Cider Vinegar = Portion size added

April 2018

Chai Seeds = Portion size updated
Mushrooms = Mushrooms : button

March 2018

Cafe Latte = Note updated
Cappuccino = Note updated
Espresso = Note updated
Filter Coffee = Note updated
Instant Coffee = Note updated
Cranberries = Note added and score adjusted
Sweet Corn : tinned = Sweet Corn : tinned / frozen



Butter = Note updated, Link added to a great explanation of how butter is low FODMAP
Arepas : plain = Link to recipes added
Arepas : filled = Link to recipes added
Kefir Milk = Kefir : milk.  Plus detailed description updated
Cows Milk = detailed description update

"Zero" Colas = Cola : zero
Sheeps Milk Yoghurt = Yoghurt : sheeps milk
Lactose Free Yoghurt = Yoghurt : lactose free
Lactose Free Cows Milk = Cows Milk : lactose free
Soya Milk = Soya Milk : from Soya Protein
Butter Beans (boiled) = Butter Beans : canned
Chestnuts (blanched/cooked/roasted) = Chestnuts : blanched
Coconut Water = Coconut Water : packaged / processed

December 2017


Chai Tea = Chai Tea / weak black
Kefir Milk = Revised advisory information
Prune = Prunes


White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate


Pumpkin Seeds