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The Lists app has been retired and is no longer available in the Appstore for download

“keeping tabs on all those items and chores and lists and reminders”


There is no one type of list – sometimes you need a shopping list, sometimes a birthday list, or a wedding list, or a bills to pay list….. there are literally hundreds of different types of list that you might need. The Bizzi-Body LISTS app is designed in a way that we can provide templates for lots of different types of list. You simply create a new list and select the type of list you’d like. You can have many different lists and they all display in a neat grid, each with an icon that suits the list and a counter of how many items are in the list.

Out of the box the app contains many different list templates. If you need to create your own custom list type, or even edit the design on a templates list then you will need to purchase the “List Designer” add on.


Out of the box the app contains many different list templates. If you need to create your own custom list type, or even edit the design on a templates list then you will need to purchase the “List Designer” add on.



Christmas Gifts

Development tasks

Meeting Notes

Multi Shop Shopping List

Simple Shopping List


What does the app look like?

Your Lists
Lists Screen
Quickly see your lists and how many items each contains

List Example
Each list has it’s own layout design that are clear and readable at a glance

List Item
Phone Lists Screen Shots Home
List items have their own custom form and include smarts like Auto Complete


What does the Designer Add On do?

The Designer Add On delivers extra functionality enabling you to create your own custom lists, or, change the design of lists created from templates. The Designer Add On capability is an In App Purchase – enable this capability right inside the app!

How does the Designer Add On work?

Instead of creating new Lists from a template – the Designer Add On allows you to create lists from scratch. You can create your own columns, your own grouping rules and your own filtering rules. You can even design which elements appear in the list view – and where they appear in the item row.

Phone Lists Designer List Settings
Give your list a name and select an icon

Phone Lists Designer Columns
Manage list columns – add new columns and reorder columns to suit

Phone Lists Designer Column
Create custom columns – chose name, type and auto completion

Phone Lists Designer Group
Group list items together – group by category or status or owner or or or…

Phone Lists Designer Filter
Filter items to hide unwanted records – quickly toggle filtering on or off

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