FODMAP v2 - Is live!


Yes.  After many days and hours of hard work v2 of our FODMAP app is now live in the App Store.

We have used your feedback and some of our ideas to update the app with many new and enhanced features.  We hope you like the new improved FODMAP app.  The update is a free upgrade to all who have purchased the app before.

Key features of v2 are:

  • completely revised navigation within the app.  Features and information are much better laid out and more accessible, especially for the larger phones that we now seem to carry.
  • improvements to the explanatory text about just what FODMAP is and how food items are scored.  
  • added and edited more information about many of the food items - you can now select items to view extra details like portion sizes and for some items links to recipes and further information.
  • improved the food search feature - making it even easier to find what you need.
  • improved food request system so that you can see progress of your request and the requests from other users.
  • introduced portion sizes in Metric, Imperial and US Imperial - you can personalise how you wish to view key information.
  • improved the database so that it automatically keeps up to date - you no longer have to click the dreaded update button!

Of course the app is faster and more sexy looking!  (but then we would say that)

ps.  Did we mention the new app icon?  Yeah - we have a new app icon.