FODMAP v2.01

Today we released v2.01 of the FODMAP app

As you can imagine from the small increment in the version number, this update is focused on correcting a few minor points.

Bug fixes:

Resolved a problem that could stop people from downloading food data immediately after they have purchased the app if they have no internet connection.  Although an unlikely scenario, after all you'd need Internet connectivity to actually download the app, we did come across the issue in testing.  We actually had no users report this issue - but we figure best to be safe than sorry.

Usability Improvement

We added tests to ensure that there is actual text in the request field before sending your request back to base.  We have numerous (a lot!) of empty requests.  Checking the app flow we realised that we were not checking to ensure you had entered text before hitting the send button. 

Ian BradburyFODMAP, AppComment