FODMAP v2 is coming

Over the last couple of months I have been working to build a new and improved FODMAP app.  My main focus points have been improved navigation and improved database.

Improved Navigation

Navigation in the existing app - while it works - is not optimal.  Since creating the app, phone sizes have changed and extra features have been added, which means that there is room for improvement.

The key navigation change to implement will be moving navigation from the top of the screen to the bottom, making it much easier to hold your phone and navigate around the app.  With the changed navigation we gain extra space where we can add extra features.

Improved FODMAP Information

We are adding much more information about the FODMAP diet and much more information about how to use the app - what our scores mean and how to use the information.

Improved Requesting Feature

The ability to request new food items from within the app is something we know people love. However until now your requests appear to disappear into a black hole as there is no method of providing progress and feedback on the request.

We are adding a list of recent requests so that you will be able to see what other people have requested and also view the status of these requests.  If we're unable to add the item (which is very common) then finally we will be able to explain why.  We'll also be able to highlight requests that have made it into the app.

Improved Database

We will be changing our database to a newer technology that is much more flexible than before.  Today in order to make sure your food information is up to date you need to click a button, and wait some seconds while the update happens.  In the future the app will continually keep itself up to date - no more clicking buttons and always up to date!

Get in touch

Maybe there is a feature that you would really love to see added to the app.  Please get in touch and tell us - the FODMAP app is only as good as your ideas!  Please leave your comments below.

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