FODMAP App v2 Update

A quick update on v2 progress.  The gist is that we are rushing towards launch in the next few days!

As you'll see form the video, the app is pretty much finished.  The 2 areas left to focus on are icons and data.

Because there are some new food types.... we need some new icons!  ;)  The current thinking is to use a single colour for all the icons as we feel once you have so many different colours any meaning they might have had becomes lost.

We have been cleaning the data.  Fixing spelling mistakes and adjusting the names so that items are naturally grouped.  For example, previously Rum was widely spread through the app.  By naming the Rum items "Rum : dark", "Rum : white" and "Rum : gold" they are now all grouped together.  Oh and sorry they are all still high FODMAP.

In case you're wondering.  v2 will be a free update.

An early demo of Bizzi-Body FODMAP app v2. Highlighting some of the new features.
Ian BradburyFODMAP, AppComment