Christmas Grub

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching we thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the delicious foods and recipes we can all enjoy while staying on the right/correct side of Low FODMAP during this festive time. 

So here are a collection of recipes from around the Internet and some Crimbo food ideas.  

Thumbs Up@3x.png
  • Cornflour / for thickening the gravy
  • Clementines
Thumbs Flat@3x.png
  • Chestnuts / blanched <= 20 nuts, roasted <= 10 nuts
  • Brazil nuts <= 10 nuts
  • Hazelnuts <= 20 nuts
  • Peanuts <= 32 nuts
  • Walnuts <= 5 whole nuts
Thumbs Down@3x.png
  • Custard / unless made with Low FODMAP diary, if buying tinned or fresh check to ensure if contains no high FODMAP nasties
  • Brandy Butter / unless the "butter" element is Low FODMAP dairy

Make sure you "count" your FODMAP's across the whole meal - they add up and you might end up enjoying the meal but regret it later.

Sorry that the mince pie recipe was only for the filling - you'll need to use your "usual" pie crust recipe.

If you have any great recipes and tips for Christmas - why not share them in the comments below.  Happy Holidays!