Food type categories

When we first launched our FODMAP app we had very few food type categories, life was simple! Over time we added Ingredients, Recipes and Store Cupboard, but still we get the feeling that our categorisation could be better.


With v2 of the app (coming very soon) we are going to make a couple of changes to the food type categories.  Firstly we are going to rename Fish -> Fish & Seafood.  Secondly we plan to split Grains & Nuts into 2 categories.  Grains, Nuts & Rice, and, Beans, Pulses and Seeds.

We have chosen these groupings based on the type of items.  Grains, Nuts and Rice are all types of plant "fruit".  Seeds, Beans and Pulses are all types of plant "seed".

Previously we also listed a few pastas in the Grains & Nuts category which we will move to the Store Cupboard category.

As ever we value your feedback.  Do you have any other ideas on how we can improve our food type categorisation?

Ian BradburyFODMAPComment