About bizzi-body

I am Ian Bradbury and I am indie mobile app developer.  I work with other like minded indie professionals so that as a group we can provide expertise across many industries and technical capabilities.

My specialist technical skills are iOS app development, Ruby on Rails web development, Cloud infrastructure and Back End Services.  

My specialist knowledge areas are Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence and Corporate Business Processes.  (A games developers I am not!)  

My key points of differentiation include a high focus on Usability and Interface Design, and, efficiency - especially regarding mobile data.  

I am based in the UK and thanks to the wonders of modern communications I am able to work anywhere in the world!

If you have a business problem that you think can be solved with the help of a mobile app or a web based app - please get in touch.  It costs nothing to talk and maybe - possibly - likely - it is something I (We) can help with.

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