Oats So Simple

We’ve been asked to add Oats So Simple to the app. As we’ve said before – as a rule we do not add branded products to the app. The reasons for this are many but mainly changing ingredients and lawyers.

In the case of Oats So Simple we believe the problem of changing ingredients will be the biggest problem. With this in mind we recommend that you find a pack in store and read the ingredient list to see if there are any HIGH FODMAP or personally problematic ingredients.

Back to Oats So Simple….

Obviously the key ingredient is rolled oats. LOW FODMAP

After the oats it can get tricky. Depending on the variety of Oats So Simple it’s possible to find some varieties contain HIGH FODMAP ingredients, especially if you select one containing dried fruit.

You might see the ingredient Soya Lecithin, which is used as a stabiliser to help reduce over-boiling the porridge. Technically Soya Lecithin has not yet been tested by Monash University, however it is currently generally considered a LOW FODMAP ingredient.

I guess what we’re saying is – If it really must be Oats So Simple and you’re worried….Eliminate and re-introduce in a controlled manner.

DISCLAIMER : Ingredients can and do change. If you spot a change in ingredients or another change that might affect the LOW/MED/HIGH score please let us know so that we can update the post.

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